- Highly qualified and experienced

- Professional, calm and patient

- Classroom qualified teacher

- Excellent pass rate

- 7 days a week

- Day, night or weekends time slots

- Reliable vehicle ideal for learners

- Motorway, all weather and country road  tuition


Jerry has an extensive background in the motoring industry and after an extended period working in the Middle East region as Chief Engineer for Rolls Royce he returned to the UK to pursue his ambition of becoming a driving instructor.

​​"Helping people achieve their dreams gives me the greatest satisfaction and to see how ecstatic my 3 boys were after I helped them pass their tests first time around was the catalyst for becoming a driving instructor. Although I think they were more excited about the prospect of driving the Rolls Royce!"

Jerry has been with 1st Class Driving School since it began in 1999. His passion and desire to assist learners get on the road has not waned in 14 years and his goal of helping drivers pass first time and maintain his excellent pass rate remains his top priority.

During his time as a driving instructor Jerry has provided lessons to individuals from all walks of life and with a diverse set of requirements, from taxi drivers to go kart racers. He is an advocate of safe driving and, as a qualified classroom teacher, runs the C.A.R.S.S program at local schools and colleges in the region.

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Success Stories

Driving Lessons

"After failing my driving test four times previously I was ready to throw in the towel and accept that I was destined for a lifetime of bus hopping. But thanks to Jerry, I don't need to hop anywhere. I can take my car!" 

- Tracy Johnson

"I found Jerry to be really patient and calm as an instructor which was really good for me as I usually get very nervous. By the time the exam came around I was so relaxed I could have done it twice! Thanks Jerry !"

- Sarah Moisson

"I went with 2 other instructors first and found that I wasn't getting what I paid for and was getting frustrated. But I found Jerry to be genuine and honest and he was a brilliant teacher. I passed and Jerry got his car back in one piece, so we were both happy :-)"

- Larry Smith

"I did the intensive course and was amazed at how much I was able to learn in such a short time frame. Thanks to Jerry's tutorial and guidance my initial reservation and doubts about the course and my ability to complete it quickly evaporated. I passed and am now a taxi driver"

- Steve Harper

​1st Class Driving School offers a range of driving lessons to suit all learning needs. Jerry provides driving lessons within the following categories:

Under 17 Driving Tuition (Jump Starter lessons)



Intensive(Fast Pass & Accelerated courses)

Pass Plus

As a qualified classroom teacher Jerry is well accustomed to the various methods of learning. He is able to draw on this experience to tailor his teaching methods and structure your driving lessons to suit your learning style. You will feel safe and confident with your driving, giving you the best chance of succeeding first time.

He remains one of the most in demand instructors in his area so be sure to book your slot to avoid disappointment.


Driving Locations

Our driving instructors offer door to door lessons and operate throughout South Devon. Below is an overview of some of the areas covered by 1st Class Driving School, for a more comprehensive breakdown of towns click here

Tel: 0800 612 8768

Mob: 07974 965 713